iData Extraction Module

The iData Extraction Module uses Content Based Object Retrieval Technology to extract data from Structured and Unstructured image sources.

In your enterprise data arrives in the form of images, PDFs and documents. Data contained in images is not editable and the size of images is typically large. With volume and size growing the need to extract data efficiently from images becomes a challenging task. Your enterprise may deploy a number of large teams and multiple technologies to extract the data from various image sources. This process involves teams that manually repunch the data and use disparate technologies to handle specific tasks. Overall the process of extracting data involves greater effort, longer turnaround times and typically involve high costs.

How iData Extraction Module Works?

iData Extraction module presents a path breaking way to extract data from image sources. With its integrated smart management workflow, you will not only be able to extract data efficiently but right at the time of recognition and extraction you can specify exactly what needs to be extracted. Such validated data can be presented as clean editable data through business rules, dependency rules, validation rules and an integrated self-learning and pattern recognizing knowledge base system.

The smart workflow management also gives you the freedom to insert or port the clean editable extracted data directly to your business process and enterprise application. The integrated self learning and knowledge base building system assures progressive accuracy both at extraction level and accuracy of extracted data. The iData Extraction module is truly multi-threaded and uses grid computing technology to harness the power of networked computing resources to deliver high performance, unlimited volume scaling and unprecedented turn around times.

What can it extract?

Printed & Typewritten Data

Bubble Shaded OMR Data

Image Objects

Fingerprint Recognition & Extraction

Handwritten Data


Signature Recognition & Extraction

 Automatic Data Extraction

  • Language Independent
  • Template Independent

 Predictive Decision Intelligence

  • Integrated Knowledgebase
  • Heuristics Modeling

 Easy Configuration

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Custom Business Rules

 High Performance

  • Highly Accurate
  • Low Processing Time
  • Unlimited Volume Scaling

 Smart Dashboard

  • Error & Exception Handling
  • Performance Management

 Comprehensive Reporting

  • Custom Report Generation
  • Various Output Formats
  • Latest News

    iData framework is being evaluated by a Large Insurance Provider to automate their data capture needs.


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