iData Optimization

The iData Optimization module is a powerful image and video optimization engine. The module optimizes images and videos in the ratios of up to 8:1 times without altering the attributes of the original image and without compromising visual quality..

The iData Optimization module reduces irrelevance and redundancy of the image data in order to effectively and efficiently store, transmit, stream, render and manage images and videos in a highly efficient way. The Optimization module can handle images that are lossy and lossless.

The iData Optimization module does not have any propriety formats. It works with a File IN - File OUT concept or simply the image format that you input is delivered in the same input format as the optimized output. For instance, if you input a JPEG image the output will be an optimized JPEG image.

The iData Optimization module accepts multiple image and video formats; JPEG, PNG, PDF, Tiff, etc., or AVI, Mpeg2, Mpeg4, h.64 etc.,) the input attributes are retained completely in the optimized output image: Format, Scale, Dimension, Resolution, Meta Data and other attributes. The image or video is mathematically optimised and visually lossless, the module can optimise 160 different images and video formats but not limited to.

The module optimizes lossless images with an option to provide you a ROLL-BACK feature. The Roll-Back feature can fully reverse an optimized file and restore it to its original state. The Roll-Back feature can also be applied to segments or portions of the image, by simply rubber banding the area of the image that needs to be rolled back.

 Resize / Crop:

Auto resize and cropping ability based on the configuration file.


Option to smoothen the image by auto adjusting the hue/saturation parameters.

 Content Filtering:

A rule based content filter to detect and disallow images which has unacceptable contents

 Meta Data Edit:

An option to edit EXIF Data and Meta Data associated with the image sequence.

 Auto Indexing:

Provides you the ability to automatically index the images based on its content and retrieve them using a powerful self-adjusting Splay search tree algorithm.

 Grid Based Resource Utilization:

The iData Optimization module is truly multi-threaded and is empowered to utilize the combined computers from multiple administrative domains to reach a common goal. The optimization routines can be adequately parallelized, a “thin” layer of “grid” infrastructure can allow conventional, standalone instance, given a different part of the same problem, to run on multiple machines. This makes it possible to achieve accelerated results and unprecedented optimization speeds.
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    iData framework is being evaluated by a Large Insurance Provider to automate their data capture needs.


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