Content Based Object Retrieval

At iData Sciences, we are researching and developing path breaking solutions through Content Based Object Retrieval Technology (CBOR).

Based in New Jersey USA, our flagship iData framework is a powerful modular platform incubated in the year 2008. The iData framework is designed with computer vision, self-learning and processing techniques that are human like to retrieve and intelligently process content and information from images and videos automatically.

iData applies revolutionary techniques to extract to objects and text from pictures and videos recognize them with break-through algorithms.

The algorithms used in iData framework propriety and patenting under process.

The iData Framework

The iData framework is a core platform that can Recognize, Optimize, Extract, Search, Analyze and Manage: Images & Videos, Documents and Unstructured Data.

Diverse application of the framework is realized and a wide range of point solutions are available which can be readily deployed and implemented across industries and enterprises to solve many business problems critical to business decision making. iData combines radically intelligent components (Human like): Visual Cognition, Pattern Recognition, Heuristics Modelling, Machine Learning, Progressive Improvement in Accuracy combined with truly Multithreading and Grid computing to deliver path breaking Productivity Levels, Turn Around Times and Accuracy to the Enterprise.

The key modules of the framework are:

  • Automatic Extraction: Automatic extraction and recognition of content - Data and Objects from structured, unstructured images and documents.
  • Image and Video Search: Automatic image & video search and retrieval from very large image and video repositories/libraries.
  • Image & Video Optimization: Optimizes image and video file sizes to up to 1/10th of the original size, without altering the attributes of the image or video for better handling, rendering and overall intelligent management.
  • Big Data Analytics: Performs analyzes on voluminous big unstructured data to recognize and build patterns, inferences and predictive models.

iData Sciences, continuously evolves in the ability to build solutions through the iData framework and enable global enterprises to adopt path breaking and transformational technologies that deliver results, greater savings and faster turnaround times for their end customers.

We are truly committed to making technology intelligently work for our Customers.